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Bridal couple with barn and water view

Our Story

Ray and Michelle, affectionately known as RayShell, embarked on this unique journey driven by their love for outdoor adventures like camping, horseback riding, campfires, and 4-wheeling. Although they reside in Boca Raton, their family's lifestyle was far from the typical Boca scene, often earning them the playful nickname "BocaNecks" due to their penchant for big trucks in an upscale neighborhood.

Their decision to purchase the property was rooted in a desire to continue providing their children with these cherished experiences as they grew up. Little did they anticipate the unexpected turn their journey would take.

Ray, with his life motto of "Go Big or Go Home," designed the barn to reflect that very philosophy. Michelle, acting as the family's Chief Financial Officer, couldn't help but wonder how they would manage the financial aspect of such an ambitious project. To offset the costs, they began boarding horses on the property.

However, fate had other plans in store for them. Michelle started receiving requests from brides-to-be who wanted to host their weddings inside the barn. Initially resistant, Michelle couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to tie the knot in a barn, having been married for a considerable time herself and unaware of the burgeoning trend of barn weddings. It took a family friend expressing the same desire for them to reconsider. Ray, ever the handyman, crafted exquisite farmhouse tables for the occasion (with Michelle proudly taking on the task of staining them).

And thus, the story of Ray and Michelle's barn wedding venture began – a journey filled with unexpected turns, rustic charm, and the warm embrace of a growing community of couples seeking a unique and picturesque setting for their special day.

          And that is how our story began

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